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Full Version: In order to make money you need money
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"In order to make money you need money". What you guys think of this statement? Is it what you really believe?
To some extent its definitely true. Take the field of blogging at first you need to invest some money on domain and hosting then after some time you will be making out of it. Yeah, some might say that blogging can also be done freely without any investment. But let me ask you this query 'how many blogs you have known which are free and yet make real money?'.
Ofcourse you need money to invest first.
Well obviously you loan an amount money and pay them back when you have earned it.
So, what can I do if I invest $1000?
Well you certainly can start a blog. And invest in its SEO.
tabassum21 Wrote:So, what can I do if I invest $1000?

You can also choose affiliate product and promote it through small budget ad campaigns.