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Full Version: small business through seo or sem
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Now days, how to manage small business through seo and sem, please share some valuable tips ?
Just follow the basic steps of SEO such as keyword research, content building, link building to your site.
Get ranked and search engines will send you traffic from which you can get conversions.
SEM for small businesses are also simple target the audience of yours in the social media using various filter such as demographics, likings, groups, interests etc. Narrow down the targeted mass as much as you can and promote your product onto them. You can also use google adwords or facebook ads to target audience if you have much budget.
Starting your own group in each social networking sites are also useful now-a-days by this you can interact more with your clients and get better engagement & increase your trust through in your niche.
Although this most is more about PPC rather than SEO but still its got good info about handling small businesses in the digital marketing world.
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