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Full Version: How to promote an iOS App?
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How to promote an newly built iOS App?
Easy. Promote it through various social media channels and online groups or communities.
In my opinion free promotional sites does not work good for iOS. Maybe they work for android but not in the case of iOS. So, I would suggest that god for paid PPC Campaigns.
Chrissy Wrote:How to promote an newly built iOS App?

How do you promote any other app? Just do whatever you do as if it was an android app.
Build Your Personal Online Presence.
Validate Your Idea.
Review Mining.
Choose Your Revenue Model.
Choose The Right Name.
Start Marketing Within Your App.
Build Your App's Online Presence.
Get Feedback.
1. Free and Paid Version.
2. Social Networking.
3. Run A Contest.
4. Buy App Store Reviews.
5. Build A Website/Landing Page.
6. Advertising.
Free and paid rendition.
Long range informal communication.
Run An challenge.
Purchase App store Reviews.
Raise An Website/Landing page.