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Full Version: Are we doing it right?
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Currently we are testing our first landing page. And it is getting about 15% sign ups from it? Are we doing and scoring it right?
Whooa!!! I think you are doing more that right. Generally on their first testing people don't even get 5% conversions.
Its true its pretty damn good. And I am bit jealous too. I remember my first time it was about 2%.

In my opinion you are doing it perfectly alright. Whatever you do don't disturb it in anyway.
Along side with the first landing page now we are trying a second one but its not getting sign ups as the first one. Its in about 8%. Why this is working different? The traffic is same sent by PPC Campaign.
See and check what is the difference between the two landing pages. What are doing differently this time. You find the change you will have the probable cause of having low sign ups.