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Full Version: What are the challenges of mCRM?
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What are basic the challenges of Mobile Customer Relationship Management?
Customer relationship only means already been customers who are happy keeping them happy in that way.

- Update them with your newsletter or whatever form of communication you are using but don't upset them by giving too many updates.

- Maybe once they have bought from you or hired your services but they have completely forgotten about you. This many also happen if the means of communication is dead. So, check them. And engage them time to time.

- If you are communicating with your audience that's fine. But you also have to provide some value into those communications otherwise they will think that you are only here for money.
Its all about keeping customers happy. Send them weekly newsletters with good information and that creates value. Don't just send them offers of different products. Keep the connection by personalizing the emails as much as you can.
They had already bought things or services from you so trust is not an issue here. You just have to keep it that way. Update them and interact them via different means. But don't annoy them. Make your emails and/or phone calls as much as personalize as possible.
Gathering client data.
Storing client data.
Gaining entrance to client majority of the data.
Dissecting client conduct Also future prediction.
Advertising more successfully.
Upgrading those client knowledge.
Offers What's more promoting procedure coordination (or automation).