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Full Version: What do you think - android or ios?
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The Android advantage with a Technology Partner

1. They design applications that are optimized to fit multiple screen sizes, operating system versions and display resolutions.
2. There is a team of specialist UI/ UX designers who ensure that the apps they design are not only engaging but are easy to navigate as well.
3. These companies also provide services related to supporting and maintenance of mobile applications to ensure reduced downtimes.

The iOS advantage with a Technology Partner

1. The companies put a significant emphasis on the design interface and user experience layouts.
2. They run frequents tests during and after development to ensure that projects run smoothly, without acquiring any bugs or errors.
3. The product development teams are highly skilled and efficient, facilitating the design and development of complex project ideas within the stipulated time frame.

As a mobile app development company, Clavax has the requisite resource and experience in delivering a superior mobile app solution to clients from varied industrial sectors. The team of iPhone app developers in the company is highly proactive in the sense that market trends and the latest technologies are the basis for developing a high-end iPhone app.
Smart observations.
As per my experience in App development in London. I can say that all the developers have a lot of mobile app development platforms to select from, But they would most probably choose one of the two most popular mobile OS’ today, Apple's iOS and Google’s Android OS.

So, Now the question is which of these is better iOS or Android?
Here is a short comparison between the Apple iOS and the Android OS for developers:
The Android OS mainly uses Java, which is the common programming language generally used by developers. Hence, developing Android app gets very much easier for most developers.

The iPhone OS uses mainly Apple’s Objective-C language, which can mostly be resolved by the app developers who are already familiar with C and C++. This being more exclusive and may become a stumbling block for the developers who are not too expert in other programming languages.

In conclusion, both the Andriod OS and Apple iOS have their own advantages and disadvantages. Both are equally strong competitors and are capable to rule the app marketplace with their own strengths and positives.