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Full Version: Forum's Mobile version, is it completely necessary??
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Forum's Mobile version, is it completely necessary?? I mean should script providers also provide a mobile version of their respective forums now-a-days.
Yeah I personally think that its completely necessary. Today we live in a world of mobile platform and its increasing every day exponentially. So, yeah if forum script providers do that then it will be very useful. They may charge a fair amount of money but that's totally reasonable too.
Its possible and recommended for most of the active online communities in every field and this is to give more comfortable usage of the forum site.
Now a days most people lies on the mobile so yes a mobile version of your community is necessary.
Now-a-days and for the upcoming days. I think its necessary and important.
Forum's mobile version is necessary, today's date all of the user use mobile & search & browse website on mobile that the reason this is the must forum's website has been mobile friendly.