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Full Version: Is SMO a total waste of time?
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Is SMO a total waste of time? I mean we have invested quite for some time in them. And yet there results are not much satisfying.
Well it totally depends on what you are looking for. If you are looking for conversions then obviously I would suggest that they are not the best possible option.

But if you are looking for brand awareness and outreach then Social Media channels can create quite a buzz if done right.
Don,t agree with this, as Brand awareness can be spread very fast through social media sites. So a successful social media optimization can create a great reputation for your brand. Through social media sites your company message can be spread more effectively.
No, I think SMO is very helpful to increase brand awareness and credibility of product or services. With the help of SMO, one can target the goals and objectives of Internet marketing with ease. Some of the tools are that can be immense useful for social media optimization are Digg, YouTube, MySpace, Flickr and many other.
SMO or social media optimization is very essential for your online business. It helps to promote your business and gain more traffic. This helps to build your website popularity and generate more leads for your business.
No SMO is not at all a waste of time. it is very useful to know from where the traffic is coming to your website so that you can decide where to invest more and where not to.
No it isn't , if you do it right it would work wonders
Everybody keep saying this that SMO is invaluable. But I don't see any importance in it rather than brand awareness. If you are trying to have conversions then its just not worth it. From what we have learn through these years.