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Full Version: Marketing through Emails
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I have an online course to sale. So, I have built organically an email list which is around 20k subscribers. And I have been sending emails to the list. Since then I have send emails to almost half of the subscribers in the list. But still no sales, plenty of of click throughs but no sale. What to do now?
* It depends on your niche.
* Is the product has a demand in your niche or you have just created it just because you can.
* Is somebody also providing this same online course. What are their prices comparing to your?

Many such things depend when it comes to getting sales.
Well ofcourse you have build your list organically. But that doesn't mean that its targeted to your audience. From what you are saying I am clearly visualizing it as miss targeted audience.
You are getting clicks that means that one part of your audience is actually interested. Check out the very next thing to find out what is going wrong after they are landing in your page. I am sure you will find an answer.
Thanks for the kind replies.