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Full Version: I am a mess In Content Copywriting
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I order to learn and get jobs in the field of content copywriting I have become a mess. I have subscribed to hundreds of different blogs such as kissmetrics or quicksprout. I have subscribed to many paid newsletters and I have been doing this for several months.

But still after I am reading and studying all these methods and tricks still I know I am learning nothing. I need a definite procedure or step by step guide on learning copywriting. If somebody can help me on this, I will be greatful.
Following everyone and everything won't get you achieve anything that's true. You need to follow a structured pattern of learning. Follow these sites they not only provide valued and tricks from professional copywriters but also they provide jobs in this field.

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And to learn copywriting at its best buy and study this book.
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If you are willing to pay for a good professional course of content copywriting then go for Clayton Makepeace's "Quick-Start Copywriting System".

I will strongly recommend you this.
Try copyblogger. Its simple yet quite effective.
zeus Wrote:Try copyblogger. Its simple yet quite effective.

For simple and effective I find DailyBlogTips the best.