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Full Version: What are the common mistakes in Facebook Ads Campaign?
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What are the common mistakes in Facebook Sponsored Ads Campaign? I see many business owners invest fb ads for outreach. But they end telling stories of loosing their money.
The common mistake that are made many marketers. Is that they fail to understand their audience. Facebook users are becoming intelligent every day. You can say evolving. People are no longer attracted by any shinny picture or any funny video. If they don't get what they came looking for then you will never get conversions. So, my suggestion here to you is that understand your audience and be completely honest and transparent with them. Show them what actually you are offering and not just some random ad that we came by everyday.
Choose your audience wisely and correctly. People often make this mistake that they choose the wrong audience and they fail the ad campaign.
1. Not Investing In Audience Research Upfront
2. Targeting an Audience That’s Too Broad
3. Not Isolating What You’re Testing
4. Not Squeezing the Value Out of Your Ad Spend
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