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Full Version: How to create PPC Reports?
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How to create PPC Reports that will be certainly liked by our clients?
Well it happens often. Here are some tricks that you might useful.

- First understand what your clients are asking and expecting you to do. Create the report according to it. Don't share unnecessary information or data to your clients. Eventually its going to backfire on you.

- If you think that some of your data will not be liked by your client then work on it before your submit the report. Asking yourself the questions that you may face from your clients. Be prepared for the worst.

- Create your report attractive. Nobody likes a bunch of data and numbers. Include vein diagrams, graphs, heatmaps to show where your client is doing well and where not. Just present your report in a professional way and show them that you have worked hard on it.
Make your reports more presentable. Use extensively colored graphs and charts to make them visually excellent.

Show only the charts which your clients ask or which ones are necessary. Don't produce unnecessary ones.

Go backwards and think what your clients have asked you to do when they first hired you. What problems they have back then and what they wanted you to solve for them. If you have accomplished those hurdles then good show them in your reports if not then put some effort in displaying the ways by which you can solve those problems.
thank you for your valuable information guys! i guess it helps me a lot!
Whatever you do just say or report wrong information.
Thanks for sharing valuable information. I am new to PPC it helped me.
You mean "wrong information".