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Full Version: How to choose an Ad Network?
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If you guys have to advertise. Then how will you guys choose an ad network? What are the factors that are looked on.
First you have to check out what kind of publishers they have.

Find out does they have any system to identify click frauds.

Does they advise on your ad campaign or just make you the sole manager of your campaign.

Look upto their advertisers control panel see if you are comfortable with or not.

There are myriad number of factors but these are the things what is coming to my mind right now.
Check out their advertisers base. And also its not about the quantity of advertisers but the quality. And also check are they fit for your ad programs.
First you should check about what the advertisements are published.
You should check whether they have fraud identification or not.
What is the average delay of ad network when serving ads?
How fast does a commissioner deliver ads to end users?
What is the performance of ad network?