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Full Version: Google Plus or Youtube
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Which is more effective Google plus or youtube?? Which will effect your SERP's more and which one do you use for promotion?
To me youtube effects the SERP's most then G+. As removing pictures from search results by Google, G+ has become ineffective unless you have plenty of followers in your circle whcih will boost up your G+ updates.
If you ask about promoting you site then its always be youtube. But youtube process is very hardwork as you have to create a fine video, along with good description of your video and put a link in it. Whereas the G+ method is much simpler and easier to do.
These websites aren't meant to help you in increaing your SERP but both these platforms surely help you get great exposure especially Youtube.
I think Google+ is the best for SEO.
Establishing a Google + Page and linking it to your website should be an important part of every company’s digital promotion strategy because it creates significant benefits in search engine optimization
Both are equally important to promote your website. YouTube is mostly used to promote your business video whereas Google plus is used to promote your business services and also videos.