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Full Version: How to get traffic from Google?
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How to get traffic from Google for our forum?
Forum SEO are not like blogs. They need exclusive SEO work in order to get ranked and get traffic from Google. You have to create links not only on the main forum board but also to the sub-forums in order to get huge traffic from search engines like Google.
You can generate traffic by good on page and off page promotion techniques. Social media promotion helps to gain more traffic and other techniques such as paid advertising will help generate more visitors for your forum.
Build quality backlinks to your homepage and sub-forums. Its the simplest answer.
cbtech Wrote:How to get traffic from Google for our forum?

First you need to rank your target keyword for your forum site to be able to get traffic from Google search results.
Target on specific keywords and try to rank on them first. Don't try to get ranked for all of them.