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Full Version: How to naturally draw visitors to generate leads?
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How to naturally draw visitors to generate leads? What are the tips and tracks for it?
Building trust is the most important thing for it. Create content that actually helps your users and try to draw them to leads through it put the links of your products into the content. Embed them carefully so that the users don't think think that you are tricking them to get conversions.

Avoid all kind of messy pop-ups and chessy way to get conversions quickly. They do more damage than doing good. Make your offers reasonable with good price. Don't try to sell anything at higher price just to make a good profit.
To generate leads you have to gain trust first so that the users can take the leap of faith for buying from you. Ask yourself this question how can you do that.

A good bond with the audience is always favorable for any business to get conversions and flourish.
Here is a trick create an very attractive infograph and put your link of your product at the end of the page where its published. Unique infographs often goes viral and so they can generate you tremendous leads.