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Full Version: Visitors but no members
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Last year I started a forum in my niche. From since I have been building content & promoting it in a regular basis. I am getting many visitors per day about 100-150 uv's and the number is increasing. But only 2 or 3 visitors of them became members and participate. Why? How should I fix this kind of problem?
Have you checked precisely that the visitors are real person and not bots? It happens that you see a plenty of visitors in your forum board but actually when you see through your analytics there are no such visitors.

And secondly you said that your forum you founded is in last year. So, my guess is that it has not much content comparing to the other forums in you your niche. People often don't join forums when there not much content or not much members, or not much of activity.
Maybe they are not liking because you don't have enough content. People often won't join because of lack of content or much forum activity. But if it is not the factor then check your forum joining page. Is it user friendly or you have inserted too much 'Are you a Real Person?' type questions that confuses or makes a horrible impression.
In my opinion the key to get members is content. Add content everyday and not just boring blog post like posts. I am talking about interesting discussions which will create incentive among visitors to join.
I am new in this field and I don't know much. But I will say that for a new forum you are doing pretty good. It will take some time to create a strong impression among users to join so stay the course.
It is normal to the forum sites that there are more visitors but lessen members are within the forum site.