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Full Version: If Godaddy Hosting is bad then why do so many people use it?
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I see a lot of comments saying Godaddy is bad and stuff. But clearly many people disagree with this point of view for sure. I checked in trustpilot. Godaddy has 91k reviews which are the largest in terms of number of reviews (US region) and the second position has almost 40k reviews which aren't half of the Godaddy's number. Clearly something is happening while everything is not watching.

[Image: godaddy1.png]
Because price matters.

No matter how sh**ty their services are. Compared it with the prices they have it seems nothing. They literally a dime more than free.

So, people will always avail their services. And it's not all bad. I know many customers of them who are very happy for years. And it is true if your site doesn't require any special adjustments or so then you should do just fine.
That cannot be the only incentive? If the services are so bad as the reviews & other talks suggests.
(02-11-2024, 05:04 AM)Cloudy Wrote: [ -> ] That cannot be the only incentive? If the services are so bad as the reviews & other talks suggests.

No, obviously this isn't the only incentive. But it do covers pretty much 90%.

And also the reviews that you talked about are only 2 out 10 people. They cater so many people it is near impossible to get all of them come and write a review.

Majority of the sites run on wordpress, which means plain LAMP stack. And as said earlier if you are not going to do something crazy with your site (install other apps and what not's). Godaddy does a good job giving seamless service.
With the cheapest price their services works.

Even with the minimum price they get you world class hosting experience.
I have used their services. They are one of the best possible hosting service for the least amount of money.

Sure some times it feels like that their support know nothing. But you get what you pay.