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Full Version: What kind of Motivations work for getting Conversion?
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I am starting this thread because recently I am seeing a lots of chatter regarding this topic.

Share your thoughts and ideas about converting motivations which one works for you.

I am sharing first mine.

For my audience which I have seen to work better when it comes to getting conversions is providing social proofs, a well reputable member of the community recommending your brand, testimonials etc. Now getting conversion is making your audience to take the leap of faith of buying from you. This doesn't get done by a single item you have to provide multiple motivations such as well professionally built site, a sales page which is very promising, and 24/7 customer care services etc.
You must first consider your target users above anything else to be able to be able to convert well in your campaign.
First of all brand awareness is necessary. I build a strong brand before I start expecting conversions from it.

Testimonials are good but too much of them can be bad. I prefer simple landing page with two or three reviews and then a simple yet professional looking sales page. And that's it.
I don't know much about motivations but giving incentive to the audience always works.
First of all targeting the right audience is necessary. And brand awareness is also needed among the targeted audience. I focus on doing that first. Once its established I put any product out there and I know they will get sales without any effort or motivation.