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Full Version: PPC for a new eCommerce Site
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Is PPC advertising really a good ides for an eCommerce site?
It can be if you do it right. Otherwise, you will be just trowing your money away.

See, PPC campaigns can be a tricky thing to handle. You have done it before then you know that a lot of factors comes to play during running the campaign such as tracking, testing, getting a close look at the ROI etc. But if you do it right then it can really boost up your site's conversion rate.
PPC is a key component to generate leads for growing your business. There are some factors you need to know before starting your PPC campaign for your business.
1. Target Relevant keywords,
2. Proper Landing page design.
3. Website Design,
4. Text Ad,
5. Quality score landing page,
6. Keyword consistency between your Text ad and Landing Page.
7. Make it simple so that your audience can easily find you,
8. Use high resolution pictures of your products,
9. Use different range of Payment option,
10. Provide specific and thorough information about your product.