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Full Version: Marketing a new App of Fashion Niche
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How should I market a mobile app which is new of the fashion niche? PPC campaigns are great but in this niche its very costly.
Try social media. Its very easy to get any element go viral in the fashion niche. You just need the right incentive.
Go to any followers base of a celebrity twitter profile and start promoting it. You can also use facebook sponsored ads to do it. Start with small PPC Campaigns.
Why don't you try promoting it in the facebook. Womens love fashion stuff watching in facebook.
Make a unique content that is all about your new app fashion in which not been seen in other competitors and it must be interesting as well as beneficial to the users.
I think before PPC Campaign you have several ideas for promoting your app-

1) Social Media(Facebook, twitter, Linkedin, G+, Pinterest etc)
2) Post blogs related to your app and post them in Blog Submission Sites.
3) While Advertising tries to make info graphs more attractive and more towards women as fashion apps were more likely for women.