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Full Version: Intel or AMD, which are the best for Hosting and Virtualization?
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I am currently using Intel xeon 2000 series. It's a bit old. And also giving me trouble with Virtualization.

I am basically looking for speed.
If you are looking for speed then AMD is the way. Recently with new Ryzen 5 series Amd has done a remarkably good job.

And also for virtualization you will need cores. How many does your current processor has?

I would recommend go for atleast 6-8.
I am currently on 4 cores. So, I guess I have to get more then.

And also running simultaneous processes does these amd ones work fine?
I would not go for any specific Ryzen model. Because I am not good with processor. But I will tell you this that they are the ones which are best with your requirements.

And indeed for virtualization you will need more cores. 4's won't do. Forget about servers in desktop home computers if you are doing something with virtual machines then you will need more cores.
I have used Intel processors before. They perform well no doubt. But when a lot of users come to your site at once. Or, say a certain number of user perform any critical action on your site. The entire system becomes slow. And in rare cases though it might hang for a second or two as well.