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Full Version: Wordpress URL's are crawling slowly
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I have a wordpress blog which I have been running for many years now. It used get crawled within couple of minutes but it takes more than just a few hours to crawl even if I have fetched the url through google webmasters tool. What should I do?
Here is a quick solution for you. Every time you post any new article go to your google plus account and post the url giving a update to your audience too. Google will definitely crawl the url fast.
Check the robots.txt file of yours see if there is any complication that is causing the delay.
Host your blog on a reliable server with good uptime. Nobody wants Google bots to visit their blog during downtime. In fact, if your site is down for long, Google crawlers will set their crawling rate accordingly and you will find it harder to get your new content indexed faster.
May be your blog is loosing importance. Create fresh links to your blog that will definitely speed up the process.