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Full Version: Simplest way to point a domain to a shared hosting
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Which is the simplest way to point a domain to a shared hosting?

Many suggested to go with VPS but my this site doesn't take much resources just a simple wp site but people do become online once or twice in a day when there are some product launch ( electronics goods).

Now all I am hearing is that to recreate the AAAA records and what nots. Since I have decided to move to a different shared hosting.
For shared hosting?! What did the hosting company say to you.

They just provide the nameservers which you provide it in your DNS through registrar and that's it.
To point a domain to a shared hosting, you typically need to update the domain's DNS (Domain Name System) settings. Here's a simple step-by-step guide:

Obtain the nameservers for your shared hosting account. Your hosting provider should provide you with this information. It usually comes in the format of two or more domain names, such as "" and "".

Log in to the account where you registered your domain name. This is usually your domain registrar's website.

Find the DNS management section or domain settings for your domain. The exact location and terminology may vary depending on your registrar, but it is typically labeled as "DNS management," "Nameservers," or "Domain settings."

Replace the existing nameservers with the ones provided by your hosting provider. Remove any existing nameservers and enter the new nameservers provided by your hosting company. Save the changes.

DNS propagation may take some time. It usually takes a few minutes to several hours for the DNS changes to propagate worldwide. During this time, your domain may not be accessible or may still point to the old hosting.

Once DNS propagation is complete, your domain should be pointed to your shared hosting account. You can verify this by visiting your domain in a web browser. It should now display the content hosted on your shared hosting server.

Keep in mind that the steps above are a general guideline, and the exact process may vary depending on your domain registrar and hosting provider. If you encounter any difficulties, it's best to consult your registrar's or hosting provider's support documentation or contact their customer support for assistance.