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Full Version: What do you have learned through A/B Testings?
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What do you have learned through A/B Testings in real life? Please Share.
There are plenty of things. Such as:

- Never keeping prices fixed. Constantly analyze the market for whether you are charging your audience the right price or not.

- Giving the audience limited time offers everytime.

- Never to flash any new news about the product at the sales page.

- Landing page plays an important role so keep them simple yet professional.
The most important lesson which I got from A/B testing is that learn from mistakes.

PPC campaigns can be tricky so choosing the right keywords ad excluding negative keywords.

Pitching sales to the customers visiting in the landing page is have to be carefully handled. I always prefer a landing page, a product description page and a sales page. Three steps is more than enough if you do good.
It is simply the comaprison between two things.In seo A/B testing compare two pages.