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Full Version: Weird Commission Rates
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Weird Commission Rates. I am saying this because my hosting company charges me for a blog $5 per month but they pay for sign up commission atleast $20 per sale. How is this even possible?
This is a genuine query for all the affiliate who use their hosting affiliate schemes.

Actually which occurs is that people don't change hosting services unless something terribly has gone wrong which occurs one time in a tons of thousands sign ups. People generally stay for a long time even for entire lifetime. So, now think about that $5 per month through your entire life. Its a huge money right!! Hosting companies so pay more money to their affiliates.
You are getting paid for just once but the hosting service is getting paid (may be small) but every month regularly. And people don't just change hosting service much as just like 'Brain' said earlier so you do the math yourself.