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Full Version: Cloud Hosting vs Dedicated Server Hosting
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I am recently reading a lot of about these two lately. So, far I have understood that they both give the user pretty much full freedom to do anything. And kind of look similar things to me.

So, who actually should avail these services and why?
They may look same. But they are certainly not.

Cloud hosting is a service which may look independent at first glance, Since you are responsible for administrating the server doing updates & backups & what nots. But they are not. The provider of the Cloud is responsible for the hardware of the machine and also the OS. It may also look like that you can do whatever installations in your server but that is also limited since you do not control the hardware. For more hardware Cloud services charge extra money.

In the case of a Dedicated Hosting. The hosting provider gives you a bare metal machine. For which only you is responsible. And those comes with large hardware setups hence for small upgrades in software or any such sort doesn't require any hardware upgrade.

Cloud is for those who wants the feel of being independent but with very limited resources. Such as, gaming servers, app hosting etc. Dedicated on the other hand is only for big boys.
Cloud hosting and dedicated server hosting are two popular options for businesses looking to host their websites or applications.

Cloud hosting involves hosting your website or application on a virtual server that draws resources from a network of physical servers. The cloud hosting provider manages the infrastructure, and you can scale up or down your resources as needed. You only pay for the resources you use, making it a cost-effective solution. Cloud hosting is also known for its high availability and uptime since your website is hosted on a network of servers.

Dedicated server hosting involves hosting your website or application on a physical server that is dedicated solely to you. You have complete control over the server's resources and configurations. You can install any software you need and customize it to meet your specific needs. Dedicated server hosting is best for businesses that require high levels of security, control, and customization.

The choice between cloud hosting and dedicated server hosting depends on your business's specific needs. If you need scalability, cost-effectiveness, and high availability, cloud hosting may be the best option. If you require complete control, security, and customization, then dedicated server hosting may be the best fit for your business.
Ok, so cloud is something dedicated but small. Right? But isn't that a VPS?
In VPS you share the hardware with others and those are fixed. In cloud it's not. In VPS the upgrade are more of a fixed style but in cloud they are versatile. Like, if you want RAM then you can just upgrade your RAM package. If you want space then you can just buy hard disk space. You don't have to pay extra (like going into another completely different machine).
Pros of VPS Hosting:

More control and flexibility than shared hosting
Scalable resources to accommodate growth
Cost-effective compared to a dedicated server

Cons of VPS Hosting:

Limited resources compared to a dedicated server
Technical knowledge is required to manage the server
Performance can be impacted if other VPS on the same physical server are using too many resources.

Pros of Dedicated Server Hosting:

Full control and access to all server resources
High level of security and privacy
High performance and speed
It can also met with high traffic and can also diminishes your work efficiently.

Cons of Dedicated Server Hosting:

Expensive compared to shared hosting and VPS hosting
Technical knowledge is required to manage the server
Maintenance and upgrades are the responsibility of the user.
(04-27-2023, 04:44 AM)frank_donovan Wrote: [ -> ]Ok, so cloud is something dedicated but small. Right? But isn't that a VPS?

In other words cloud is the freedom of Dedicated Server with a just a fraction of it's price.

Whereas VPS is not so much independent. There are limitations specially hardware wise.
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