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Full Version: Lowering bounce rate for conversions
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I am starting to promote some of the affiliate products in my blog. But the bounce rate is just killing my conversions. What should I do? Its above 80%. My most of the traffic comes from search engines.
Plenty of factors can be done such as putting a call to action button in each and every content of yours, building content just for your product etc. PM me your site's detail. I will explain it to you.
Lowering Bounce rate only will not effect your conversions.

To get sales from a blog you will have to gain the trust of your audience and then pitch the idea of any product to them. Start creating content that is interesting and engaging, refer to them similar content pages it will lower your bounce rate and gain trust.
1. Improve Your Content’s Readability
2. Avoid Popups – Don’t Disrupt the UX
3. Create a Compelling Call-to-Action