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Full Version: Not getting enough traffic to get sales
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I am not getting enough traffic to get sales. I am posting useful and unique content whenever I can till there is no rise in traffic. Please suggest what to do?
There can be a tons of reasons for this. Such as, you are posting good posts but they are not published in a regular interval of time, you are not promoting your posts or not promoting correctly, you are providing good information but your language skills are not so good so the audience is loosing their interest etc.
Suppose, here is a scenario you are creating unique content & not building quality links which your competitors don't lack.

Now may be you are building content and publishing them in your blog at a regular interval of time but you are not promoting them correctly as your competitors do through social channels or any other means.

So, go on compare each and every metrics of on-page & off-page factors with your competitors and find where you are lacking.
Start with On Page Optimization, which is at core of any SEO strategy. Followed by Google web master. Important aspects of SEO could be

Site factor
Off page
Some important points in 2016.

- Mobile Friendly Website.

- Page Load Speed.

- Mobile SEO.

- LSO Optimization.

- Video, Image, PPT Posting.


Use analytics tools like Gostats and Google analytics.

Measure links gathered using Ahrefs
If you are not posting your content regularly that could also be a reason. Updation of fresh content with attractive offers on the regular interval of time would be great and help you in getting leads. Promote your offers on the promotional website.
Build links to your content each to those which you want to rank. Its the fastest answer.
Do some good SEO work. You can also start a PBN to create some good backlinks which can get you ranked in no time.