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Full Version: OVH is not showing our EPP Code
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It's one of the domain for our apps.

We are currently in the process of moving all of our app-domains to some cheap & reliable registrar whch are originally scattered accross different myriad registrars. But who would know transferring will be such hard. It's been 20 days now I have requested our EPP code. And they are unable to provide me one.

Whenever I try to do it myself. They show error of some kind. Sometimes, internal server error and sometimes they straight say page couldn't be loaded.

I tried to raise a ticket. But after 8 days. They answered me with another question asking which domain exactly I am asking for. I mean it's in the ticket just look. How can anybody or any service provider be this bad?
Wait a minute

It thought your registrar is Godaddy and namecheap.

Anyway, call them directly. And also move your domain as soon as possible.
I am moving them to NameSilo. I have various registrar.

Anyway, they answered to the ticket and said it will take atlaest 8-10 days but the issue will be resolved. Now' let's hope they get it done.
Keep your domains always in a well known registrar. Even though you haven't got the chance to actually first register with one.

I had a similar issue with Porkbun. But they resolved it within days.
Finally after taking many turns it got done. Thanks for the help. Will let you know if anything else is needed.