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Full Version: How to make mpney from Facebook?
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I wanted to make some from facebook but I can't as facebook won't allow to post me affiliate links. So, how can I make money? I have good followers base.
If you already have a good followers base then the hard work is almost done. Yeah, facebook does not allow any kind of affailiate links. So here is the thing that can be done build a landing page and put your affiliate link in it. And then redirect your followers from facebook to that landing page.
1. Selling products and service on Facebook
2. Affiliate Marketing
3. Using fanpage to redirect traffic to website to earn money with Google Adsense
4. If you manage a big fanpage with a lot of Likes, You can sell your posts or Fanpage to promote for a brand
To earn money from Facebook, you can make a Facebook page and increase your page awareness. When increasing your page awareness then you can sell your service or product online.  you can choose Affiliate marketing to earn money from Facebook.
Yes, there are several ways to make the social network work for you. Options include selling on Facebook Marketplace, providing Facebook-related services to other businesses, monetizing your own content, or promoting your own products or services