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Full Version: How come a single Domain is 'For Sale' in multiple Registrars ?!
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A domain which is in Godaddy. Is listed as 'For Sale'. Because obviously I put it there.

But when we go to other registrars some says "For Sale" and some says "Taken". Why the discrimination ?

BTW I am using Godaddy nameservers.
Isn't that obvious?

You are using Godaddy nameservers. So, ofcourse Godaddy will list your domain as "For Sale".

Others will show it as 'Taken' or such sort. Why they should show your domain is for 'for sale' in their marketplace when they have nothing to gain?

And obviously some will show 'for sale' in their marketplace. Which then again have collaboration with Godaddy.
First of all you only can use one nameserver at a time.

And second many domain registrars do collab with each other. But people don't see it usually because they rotate their nameservers. For monetizing issues ofcourse. But when they do the domain becomes simply occupied (or taken) in this case.
Which registrars collab? Can anybody tell?
(04-17-2023, 05:07 AM)pepe_short Wrote: [ -> ]Which registrars collab? Can anybody tell?

Dynadot works fine with Afternic and Sedo. Namecheap works with Sedo don't know but others.

GD also works with Afternic as well.
A domain name can be listed for sale by its owner or a third-party broker on multiple registrars because registrars are simply companies that facilitate the registration and management of domain names on behalf of their clients.

When a domain name owner wants to sell their domain, they may list it for sale on one or more domain marketplaces, which are online platforms that allow buyers and sellers to connect and negotiate the sale of domain names. These marketplaces often have partnerships with multiple registrars to increase the visibility of the domain name listing.

As a result, the same domain name can be listed for sale on multiple registrars because the owner or broker has listed it in multiple marketplaces that have partnerships with different registrars. However, it's worth noting that the actual registration of the domain name still needs to be done through a single registrar, regardless of where the domain name is listed for sale.