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Full Version: What is the main 'Mantra' or way for getting conversions?
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What is the main 'Mantra' or way for getting conversions? Can anybody explain it to me.
Its actually hard to say that which is the main 'Mantra' for getting conversions.

But which I apply is that never using any unorthodox techniques or impractical techniques. People can't sell anything to their customers whom they don't love so good engagement with the customers is necessary. Using a site for sales is obvious reason but you must have to willing to help people through content and other means otherwise conversion are not going to happen.
There is no such thing as main 'Mantra' to have conversions.

You can sell almost anything to anyone. You just have to make them realize that they need the product and its is going to help them or its increasing their pleasure.
In general, a high engagement rate is considered a sign that we are more likely to get more sales or more converstion.
Best practice for getting conversion is not fixed always it changes according to business if you have e-commerce business then the business plan is different and if you are having an informational website then the practice to your ]website conversion is different.
The definition of “engagement” changes from channel to channel.Engagement is a magnetic “measure” of online effectiveness.