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Full Version: Which site do you guys like Quora, Yahoo Answers or Reddit?
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Which site do you guys like Quora, Yahoo Answers or Reddit? Answer with reasons please.
Well Quora is far better from Yahoo. And reddit is totally different kind of platform so I am not coming to any conclusions for it.

Yahoo does not have any kind of quality controls of its questions and/or answers but Quora has so it beats Yahoo. And from my point I see that Yahoo users (I am not saying all) mostly are marketers so they don't actually care whether your problem gets solved by their answer or not but in the case of quora I see that people's problems actually gets solved there.
Reddit is good but people who publish content in it are far more passionate about the topic than the users of Quora or Yahoo. But quora has became quite popular now and its good because it has a content quality control. On the other hand, its my personal opinion that Yahoo answers user's are practically spammers they are there only to market their blog or products.
Actually I'm using all, but I have to admit that reddit is my favorite. Timeliness, accuracy and at the same time I can easily found the topic wherein I can participate.
I like Quora Answers. Quora is a question-and-answer site where questions are asked, answered, edited and organized by its community of users.
Quora is the best for answers according to me.awarness about yahoo and reddit in people in little less as campaire to Quora
I like Quora. Best website for QAs.
Quora and yahoo answer both are best sites for question and answer but yahoo answer is best. I find best answer from the site.
All 3 of the Q & A websites are good for referral traffic. But I mostly like to use both Reddit and Yahoo.
Quora is the best website i like for getting information and for sharing information with the world.
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