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Full Version: How to access IPMI for Dedicated Servers?
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Any suggestions !

I am new to this dedicated server thing. And having much problem with the managing service and other what not?
First know that whether or not your hosting provider is providing IPMI or not. Because many don't.

If yes then just ask them. All hosting services have their own interface. So, its wise to contact them directly. You have bought a dedicated server, its pretty big deal. They are bound to assist you.
I couldn't help but notice is that you have hired a managing service for your server, right? You have written on the other thread.

Then why are you doing all of this by yourself. Figuring these things are clearly gets guided by the hosting provider itself. But if you have hired somebody to manage your bare metal machine then they should be responsible. Alteast in this case shall be able to guide.
Yes, my hosting service helped it.

Got it resolved. Anyway, thanks for your replies.