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Full Version: Should I include category name in the url?
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The urls names will be like /category1/my-flower-pot

I have been suggested that I should have proper pages fall under proper category. So, does it mean that I have to make my urls like this?
Based on your query I am understanding that you have been suggested to properly link up your pages under correct category.
So, here it goes. Your urls should be as simple as possible. like this /my-clay-pot.
You don't have to put 'category' name in the urls.
I think the person who suggested meant to properly link up your pages. Like this HomePage>>Category>>my-clay-pot
No absulutely NO.

You don't need to put category in urls. If you are concerned about your page's position in terms of your home page location. Then just properly internal link up them and nothing else.

URLs should always be as simple as possible. You don't wanna confuse the bots of search engines about what page is what.
Including a category name in your URL can benefit your website, but beware: if you end up with a lengthy slug and category name, it will make sharing the URL more difficult and won’t have much-added value in Google. If your domain name is nice and short and you use short, yet descriptive category names, you can easily include a category in your permalink structure which can benefit your website.

In addition, using a less relevant keyword as the category name is a common mistake that comes from choosing the keyword with the most traffic. Sometimes the highest traffic keyword isn’t necessarily what the pages in the category are about. Select category names that truly describe what the pages contained within it are about.
(03-20-2023, 05:20 AM)bijupro Wrote: [ -> ]Including a category name in your URL can benefit your website

Can you explain how? SE's doesn't give a sh*t about your url. Unless you make a technical error.

And coming to users. 99.99% users don't even look into any url they just click by seeing the heading or any image if associated.
Including the category name in the URL can have both benefits and drawbacks, and the decision whether to include it or not will depend on various factors such as the size and complexity of your website, the number of categories you have, and your overall SEO strategy.

Here are some potential benefits of including category names in the URL:

1) Improved user experience: Having a clear and descriptive URL structure can help users better understand the content they are clicking on and improve their overall browsing experience.

2) Better organization: Including category names in the URL can help you organize your content and make it easier for both users and search engines to navigate.

3) Improved SEO: Including relevant keywords in the URL can help search engines better understand the content of your website and improve its visibility in searc
Agree with elliekushn!
keep it simple & clear.
The category-name in URL is usually category slug. So, if you even change the category title, it will not effect the URL.