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Full Version: Paypal Alternative
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My conversions are low and I read in a forum discussion that using paypal may lower the conversion rate. So, I am looking for any alternative.
No paypal does not have any effect on the conversions.
If you are looking for a good alternative then there are plenty of many such as Payza, Stripe etc.
Payza is the best alternative though.
Paypal does not decrease conversion rates unless your account is creating any problem.
'Solid Trust Pay' is also a good option.
Google Wallet. Google Wallet is mainly used in the US but it accepts credit or debit cards from many countries.
You can use 2checkout, Stripe or Payoneer.

I myself using 2checkout on my WordPress woocommerce site and it's working normal for me. However, you can give a try to Payoneer as well.