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Full Version: 5 Going Viral Tricks
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1. Great Content which is extremely helpful and/or unique. It always has a tendency to go viral. Try creating content which is insightful and solve any problem, not just any content. A stunning Infograph can also be very helpful in this case.

2. Going viral has no definite procedure or technique but still there are some methods which are proven to be quite useful. Such as giving anything up for 'Free'. It can be an ebook or a free software or any kind of service that you provide in your niche. It can also even be a free trial period of any paid service. People always like free stuff so give them.

3. In every niche there is always some field which are consumed by controversies. Use them to generate quality targeted traffic. Run a 'Contest' about people's opinions you will see how quickly people can get affected by it creating an incentive to join in your contest. And if you want to double your traffic then just make an announcement that 'Prizes' will be given to the winners.

4. Now-a-days apart from social networking sites. Social Bookmarking Sites also can be very effective to drive viral traffic. Sites like Digg, Reddit, Stumbleupon are very good in doing so. But its not easy each site operates in their own way. So if you want these sites to work for you then you will have to learn their ways first.

5. Submitting articles to the directory sites are an old technique. They also work but they are slow. What I recommend is that submit those article in the mass platform sites such as hubpages, linkedin etc. They are just the same as the article directories but they are fast as social media channels when it comes to getting your content republished and gain huge traffic from it.
I just wanted to say a thing.

Creating content that can go viral isn't enough you will have to outreach to the audience through proper channels. Good content is always appreciated but if you don't reach out then all hard work is wasted.
You need to be up on the latest trend tha's the key. It has and will always be hard to cope-up especially with content creation. You need to have your own label you need to be creative to ensure that your readers will finish your article. But I must say that its pretty much informative. Smile
In my opinion cheesy content gets viral first. Such as stupid videos, cheap offers, drastic information etc.