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Full Version: 5 Key points to remember while running a PPC Campaign
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Key points to remember while running a PPC Campaign.

- Know your audience first. Before running any kind of campaigns know your audience first what according to their age, sex, demo-graphics etc.

- Knowing the audience isn't enough . You have to know that what makes them 'tick'. Their interests, their problems, what kind of offer can make them to take the leap of faith of buying etc. If you want to utilize most of your money then you have to know the pressure points of your audience.

- Targeting the right keywords is also an key element that one should remember. Bid on only those keywords which your targeted audience wants to see. And also remove the keywords that can have the potential to act as a negative one from your ad campaigns.

- Running an Ad campaigns and getting conversions out of it isn't a thing that you do correctly and sit back after that. You need to keep track of your campaigns. And make tests to see what can get more out of your campaigns. Always keep track of your campaigns and by using that data run tests by varying different elements.

- Know the trends also. Don't invest money where you don't get any thing in return. Suppose this is winter season and you are investing your money in selling 'summer coats' which is highly irrelevant now. Know when and where to invest assess the situation and then react.
Targeting the right keyword for your ads is really important to convert well along with the unique and interesting ad in which will caught the attention of the target audience.
Every successful PPC campaigners first filter the right kind of audience from the crowd. And then they go for the right keywords. Choosing the right keywords is an important step but it also means that you have reduce the negative keywords from campaign list.

In the running part it is easy just the campaigners have to keep a sharp eye on everything and also consider all factors & change them whenever necessary.
I agree, targeting right keywords isn't enough. We have to remove the negative keywords too. Last month I lost a couple of hundreds just for them.
1. Getting the Right Budget
2. Investigate Your Keywords
3. Think Hard Your Call to Action
4. Consider Your Audience
5. Getting Out of a PPC funk