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Full Version: 4 Tips to maximize your Income
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In recent survey it shows that people don't even make $100 per month from blogging in general. As a result of it people find it boring and lefts it eventually.. Here are some tips which can maximize your earnings.

- Services like Adsense can charge upto 20% of your gross income as their commission. So, why don't you remove them? Start selling ads directly to the advertisers through your site. It might sound like quite a hard work but its really simple and easy. Just by building a separate page in your site where you can welcome your interested advertisers. If you really have a good audience then it will be no hard work to get ad buyers.

- Link your site to an eCommerce site (like Amazon). If you can directly lead your audience to any eCommerce site which pays you no matter what they buys within a short period of time visiting right after from your site then your income will increase exponentially.

- Selling already known products of your niche with great commission rate is also a smart way to increase earnings. Branded products does not need any introductions about their own you will just need good traffic to get conversions.

- Sale your own products. Its a bit of odd to sound but it will really triple your earnings if you can keep all the money that comes from the buyers on your own. Build an ebook with the best articles of your site or build new articles and sale it from your site. You can also promote your own product in the social channels to expand the outreach & conversions.
Pretty informative post. Keep the content flowing. Big Grin
I know my theory is not much of a surprise. But just saying. I had adsense account a few years back. I also tried to directly sell my ads and I have sold some of them too. But as soon as I started promoting affiliate products my income grew exponentially. You may have just one sale per day but it is still more revenue than any ad campaign if you choose the right product.
Thank you for sharing it with the rest of the community, I'll keep it i in mind.