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Full Version: Best App Development Companies
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Please suggest me some good app development companies.
Although I am not an expert in this field but I heard that 'sourcebits' is a good one.
Check out this post.

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You can just go to google and search for it. Look for reviews how they are. They will give you a proper idea of the companies. You can ask also about those companies here in this forum.
You can find many app development companies but there are only few who creates the app from very scratch. See upto their previous works and testimonials.
Mobisoft Infotech is Houston based smartphone application development company specialize in iOS, Android and BB Enterprise app development and our portfolio comprises of more than 240+ applications delivered so far.
We all have been a witness to the escalating growth of the mobile app market. However, there remain a lot of questions in the mind of various customers. One of such question is: How much does it cost to make an app?

But before that we have listed out some factors that are responsible for effecting the price of our app:

A few questions for Process of estimation
Keep in mind that you should stay ready for asking a few questions to the app development company or developer before estimating the cost of development for your app:
  • Who calculated the estimate
  • Does that developer/company have a thorough understanding of your project
  • What are the previous projects it has worked on?

In case, you face any difficulty, you can get in touch with a developer or development company for the required support. For instance, if your app targets iOS platform, then contact Clavax would be a good option if you want get all your issues solved.
Check out these ones.

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According to me Best 5 App Development Companies are:

1) Mobiers Ltd.

With an extensive team of 150+ developers Mobiers have been providing expert mobile app development solutions to its universal client base. The company claims innovative solutions at affordable costs for mobile app development needs.

2) Endive Software

Endive Software is a one stop solution to all your business needs at the most competitive price. Built over three foundation commitments – Passion, Expertise and Professionalism, the company has a self-coordinated team of 200+ adroit professionals delivering peerless technology solutions to businesses over multifarious domains. The company excels in the iPhone app development/ iOS app development solutions at cost-effective prices along with claiming the best ROIs.

3) Fueled Ltd.

Mobile App Design and Development Company has been a recognised name in the iPhone app development industry with its offices in New York, Chicago and London. The company is dedicated towards iPhone app design and development solutions and is known for its apps like JackThreads, WeRide, and Ribbon.

4) 360 Degree Technosoft

Located in Ahmedabad, 360 Degree Technosoft has been in the iPhone app development market for 3 three years now. The company has a high rating and has gained a good client-base for iPhone app development services in India.

5) Clavax Technologies LLC

Clavax Technologies LLC with its headquarters in San Jose, California is another recognised service provider of software, the web and mobile app development solutions. The company has a wide team of learnt professionals , who are good at their skills and provide cost-effective iPhone/iOS app development services.
If you are looking for Mobile App development company in Bahrain then i would suggest AK Information Technology, I had my eCommerce website and mobile app developed by them and i am totally satisfied with the service i have received, there work is perfect and on time, and they have a good customer interaction and rates are also never lags and the payment gateway also never came across a bug, Overall i had a good experience with the team.
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