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Full Version: How to increase brand likability?
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How to increase brand likability in the social channels?
Produce great updates which are in trend, publish stunning images, create & publish incentive offers, write & post quotes of famous authority people etc.
It is a question that everybody asks. Brand likability is not like brand awareness you can tell people about your brand but you can't force them to like your brand.

Its all about building trust first. Build content that actually helps people and give updates about them in the social channels. You can also use famous quotes of celebrities. Brand likability is all about the element which people want to hear not the things you want to share with them. Solve problems in your niche or atleast try to.
People will only like your brand if they trust it. So, try to win their trust first by producing them awesome content, product, fabulous customer service etc. Your brand will be liked eventually.
Be Original
Be Responsive
Develop a Relationship
Share Other Content