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Full Version: Niches with Highesy Commission rate
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Which are the niches that have the highest commission rates?
I don't know exactly but insurance niche has the highest rates according to me.
Health care, insurance, real estate in high class areas, cutting edge technology are all high paying niche.
Highest paying niches are Health, Insurance, Real Estate, Technology etc.
Top Niches
- Make Easy Money Online:
- Lose weight:
- Dating:
- Gaming:
- Self-development:
- Information Technology:
- Food and Cooking:
- Travel:
- Entrepreneurship:
- Online shopping:
Niches with highesy commision or profitable not sure but its my opinion

* Technology
* Personal Finance & Investing
* Property investmentĀ on right place
* Digital marketing
Real Estate

These are the niches with a high commission rate.