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Full Version: 8 Tips to Increase your Article's Effectiveness
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1. Make the post fruitful. Work on it hardly to give it your best. Don't just post it. Take time as long as you need but don't post an under-constructed article in a hurry.

2. When you start writing any article just use the best idea of a post at that time you have got in mind. Don't try to write something else focus on your best idea.

3. Headlines of any article is a very important element. It attracts users from search engines and also can create incentive traffic if it is really good. So brainstorm for it. Use those words which actually expresses the true meaning of the article. Use of tricky words can also be very helpful. Such as 'Best of', 'Top of 2016', 'Alternatives', 'Free' etc.

4. Create articles eye catching. Using of infograph and stunning images can help you with that.

5. Make the post useful and highly informed. Explain the true meaning what you want to tell in simple words, to the point but make it exclusive and insightful. Don't write unnecessary words just to increase the word count.

6. Use outbound links to link to other site's similar posts. If the admin of the other site is generous then he/she might link you back and mention your post in their articles. This will only increase the productiveness of your article.

7. Write something new. Create unique content in your niche.

8. Follow up your community. In social sites and communities what are they talking about. And build content according to them
Very well said, thank you for sharing it with the community. Most of all, make sure that you will be writing about a subject that you are familiar so it won't be hard for you to come-up with an idea.
True words vk_lord. Really appreciate your approach.
Great share. I enjoyed your post.
Writing a meaningful content is always useful for audience and Google it self. Because Google always gives preference to content which is unique and user interactive.