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Full Version: Covid - Were your sales Increased or Decreased?
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As obviously for many webmasters these last two years were disastrous.

But for many it came as a blessing. They not only increased their product's reach & sales. They were also able to establish themselves.

Tell us your story.. Which side were you on?
Both sides mate.

If any demand rises then it is obvious that people will be able to meet that somehow. Yes, it will and can take time but eventually it will happen.

Many of our products which were depeneded on the travel or housing niche fell like never before. But on the other hand short services which deliver food or groceries which I didn't think that they will take off any time soon. Had a tremendous growth rate.
According to Flint McGlaughlin, CEO and Managing Director, MECLABS Institute

"If you don’t organize their thinking, then you can’t supervise their thinking. And if you can’t supervise their thinking, you can’t guarantee the outcome – an inevitable conclusion one micro-yes at a time"

This is the general image of the common public. You are always seen as a sheep. If this pandemic has anything taught me is that some handful of few people always try to manage the narrative and profit from them. Yeah, sure some gain and some lose. But actually this is what happens. Forget about Demand & Supply, these people try to create the demand according to their wish and hence the supply to profit from them.

BTW, I am on the both sides as well.

Soure of the above quote :
A slight increase in our case. But not much of anything mentionable.

In my opinion this thing has exposed some niches which were solely dependent on people travelling and nothing else. On the other hand it has also exposed some things which can be done and operate remotely.

So, the market acted accordingly.
Sales up for us. Since, we have an eCommerce site.

But many in our niche aren't that lucky. You have to go through right channels and mediums for promotion when the proper time arrives.

Otherwise, you won't be making and difference.
Problem occurs when some handful amount of people try to manage the narrative of the majority mass.

See the mess in EU. It is just the beginning.