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Full Version: User Engaging tips for Linkedin
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Provide me some tips and tracks about user engagement in Linkedin.
* Grow connections by adding same field professionals.
* Once you have successfully added them. Just greet them.
* Create your own group and create content in it.
* Before asking for anythings give your best to the others. Create content and publish it. Comment on other peoples articles. Don't just mechanically post a comment but actually participate in it.
* Endorsing your contacts is also a great way to stay in touch with other peoples.
Pm them with a personal touch by mentioning their names. Send them articles or copy of any of your projects and ask review & suggestions for them.
Asking feedbacks on articles and projects always works. But what I found actually helpful is creating interesting topics and participating in groups. They always build trust quickly.
Add people who are interested in a same field as you are. Provide informative content.
Some tips and tricks about user engagement in Linkedin.

1: Displays personal profile
The image represents the first factor the professional show. Use one photo bright tone, nice face, with one smile and bright eyes.

2: Do not cram keywords
When a person receives a connection request, the first thing they do is look at your profile. And if your records are stuffed with keywords repetitive or irrelevant, it is evident that they will not agree to connect with you.

3: Mistake to send your invitation.
Take the time to write a few lines of required 1 connected to other individuals, to be sure to take the time to send messages to them is important, treat it as opening the message you want to send to people you want to connection, do not send the message by default available on LinkedIn, too generic message, not professional enough not goodwill.

4: Request confirmation of your work.
LinkedIn allows you to be able to validate the skills of the individuals with whom you notice their good knowledge of the services they provide

5: Handling other offers
Do not request or accept a recommendation from someone you do not know, or give a suggestion to someone that your work is not related to their field.

6: Confidential personal information of circles
Unfortunately, while sending an email, you inadvertently disclose information about email addresses for many others within your LinkedIn connections, worse, those who go to their email no contact, no one likes your information from being disclosed.
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