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Full Version: Social media promotion tips for Podcasts?
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Social media promotion tips for podcasts?
It's a podcast so obviously be regular. If you set out a specific time then even more good.

Discuss controversial topics like hell if you are trying to attain more attraction.

Social media channels are already filled with garbage these days. So, try to be meaningful, objective, reasonable and provide good content.

Good use of images for podcast can also help you. Through good thumbnail images on Insta, pinterest etc.

Start a facebook group. If closed one then even better.

In twitter try to connect with influencers with # tags and replies.
Well, you can cooperate with other podcasters and ask them for promotion.
Account Goals
Setup Your Content Basics
Cross-Platform Linking
Choose the right platform to promote your podcasts!
Table of Contents

Host guests, leverage their names, and connect with their audience.
Share your episodes to the right social networks.
Share new episodes (and sneak previews) to your personal social media channels too.
Record your podcast on Facebook Live.
Run a giveaway.
Create an accompanying blog post.
1. DISCLOSE: Your Presence on social media must be transparent.
2. PROTECT: Take extra care to protect both TES and yourself.
3. USE COMMON SENSE: Remember that professional, straightforward & appropriate communication is best.