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Full Version: Can mobile loading speed effect overall ranking?
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Recently, I published the mobile version of my site. Previously without mobile optimization its was ranking on the 2nd or 3rd position of the first page. But now they are in the second page. After doing some tracking I found out that my mobile site's loading speed is low than why is it effecting the desktop SERP's too? Is this normal?
In general it is odd although mobile sites are ought to effect desktop SERP's too if your site is not mobile friendly. And one second thought have checked with your competitors? There may be something that they have updated in their sites which have effected yours.
Google takes some time to rank for any new update that has happened to any site. Its normal.
Finally got my rankings back. But I don't understand why it took so long. My friends who have done the same thing got their rankings within couple of days. I bet now Google is running slow.
Well that's good.
Actually it depends on various factors your site popularity, sites authority rate which are back to your site etc.
It has happened to me but a year ago. Now things are pretty fast. If your site is a well established one. Then it will take only a day or two at most.
Mobile site loading issue affects its performance in the web as well as with the users in which important to Google for engagement.