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Full Version: General guidelines to content creation
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What are the general guidelines one should follow at the time of building content??
Follow this two posts. These are the basics:
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anush Wrote:What are the general guidelines one should follow at the time of building content??

1. Use your keywords only when needed - eywords are great, but don’t over-use them because this will make your content reek of spam.

2. Make your content social: Create your content in such a manner that it gains some popularity on social media and social networking websites.

3. Create a resource that is highly useful: An ability to write and publish content is a great privilege.

4. Create content for other websites and blogs: Prepare an editorial calendar for writing articles and guest blog posts that can be published on websites and blogs other than your own.

5. Create engaging content for online forums and blog comment sections: Online forums are still alive and kicking, and so are blog comment communities. Great interactions go on at these places.

Maria Mincey
original content
no grammer mistake
no sentax mistake
keyword density 2-3 %
keyword prominant 3-4%
keyword proximity 3-4%
Word limite minimum 300
Content is the king and you should take extra care while writing the great content. You also need to take care about the Keyword Density and Keyword Proximity. The keyword density should be around 3-5%.

Make proper use of Heading Tags while writing the content
Don't use duplicate content while writing the content.
Make proper Title and Descriptions