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Full Version: Converting from 5000 unique visitors per day
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I am trying to get sign ups in order to build my email list. I am getting about 5000 uv's per day but they are not converting. The audience is very targeted and also have a good engagement rate but still I am getting only 2-3 sign ups per day. What should I do?
Check that they are actually seeing the email sign up page. It occurred to me awhile back I was collecting email addersses too but the sign up rates where very slow. After getting some advice from a professional I checked my sign up page and there it is, not all of my visitors were getting to see the page due to its high loading time.
Create a pop-up for each session. It worked for me.
First of all Congrats on your achievement of 5000 uv per day.

Sometimes, it happens that your users may be seen as engaging but they are not feeling comfortable to get you a sign up so build authority as more as you can. Build content everyday unique and helpful. You will achieve what you need.
5000 UV/Day!!!

Attract them to something they need, or give them offers for sign-ups. Get their attention on your daily updates, and 'zeus' is right too but seeing pop-ups at each session irritates users so create pop ups wisely.
Good luck
Its a great achievement as everyone said. Just follow up some money making and conversion tutorials. I am confident that you will find plenty of options that you will easily fit in.
5000 unique visitors, you should apply for Adsence thats all i know.